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Tal Shoshan - CV


1969 Born in Israel
Works and lives in Tel Aviv



1995-1997 Master degree in Theatre Design & Stenography, Wimbledon Collage of  

           Art, London, U.K
1994 Completing B.A degree in Metal design & Body objects, Beazley Academy of Art

           and Design, Jerusalem, Israel



2007-2014 Head of the Fashion unit, the Arts & Design department, Kibutzzim collage of education, Tel Aviv. 


Solo Exhibitions, Performance Art & Projections:

2018  "ShadeDays", Chelouche Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2015  "Mud Covered Eyes", Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

           Room Service, Artplus Hotel, Tel Aviv. Curator: Dina Yakerson

2014  "Hair Knots", Kibutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot Gallery. Curator: Uri Katz

2013  "Savage Spirit", Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010  "Dreaming of Journeys", Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007  Screening the movie "Phnom Penh the city of Penh" in the "9th International

            Panorama of Independent Film & Video Makers", Pataras city, Greece
            Gala Screening of the movie "Phnom Penh the city of Penh" in Tel Aviv 

            Cinematheque, Jerusalem Cinematheque, Haifa Cinematheque, Rosh Pina

            Cinematheque, Israel
2005  "Empty spaces", Herzeliya museum, Hertzelya, Israel
2003  "Homage", Talma Yalin Gallery,Givataim, Israel, Curator: Tal Ben Zvi
2001  "Hanibulizim", Performance Art, Blur festival of Performance Art no. 3, Tel Aviv,

1999  "Coming of Age", Heinrich Boll Foundation Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 
            "Coming of Age", Street Performance, Tel Aviv, Israel
1998-9 "Babel Gama", Performance Art, Yanco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel
              "Babel Gama", Performance Art, the Centre of Performing Arts, Blur Festival,

              Tel Aviv, Israel

Group Exhibitions & Performances:

2018 “Territories Unraveled”, Jerusalem Artists House, curator, Irena Gordon.
2017 “Textile | Text | Territory”, Manna Contemporrary Gallery, New Jersey New York.
2016 “In The Neighbor’s yard”, contemporary art exhibition, Vercelli, Italy.
2016 The allegories of the present, Artist House Tel Aviv, Curator Irena Gordon,
2015 “Local pulse”, The Artists House, Curator Orli Hofman & Arye Berkovich, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2014 “Broken Beads”, curator course, Ben Gurion University Gallery.
2014 " Sesilya”, The Artists House, curator, Nir Haramat, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014 “Woven consciousness”, Contemporary Textile in Israel, curator: Irena Gordon, Tel Aviv.
2013 “Traces V” The 5th Biennale of drawing in Israel, Curatir: Tal Yahas, Jerusalem.
2012 "Art Any Way: Exploring the Wheel", Tel Aviv Art Museum, Israel .
2011 "Escape", The Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2011 Liquid.Cities & Temporary Identities – Croatia, Zelena dvorana – Zabok, Croatia.
2010 “Signals” ,MOBY-Bat Yam Meuseum, Curato: Dana Tagar Heller, Bat yam, Israel.
2009 "Neighbors", Chelouche Gallery for Cotemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008 "Impression of Journey in Space", Presenting the series: "Changer & Junction" series of objects: lonely planet series; the wanderer series; video; Phnom Penh the city of Penh, Nahum Gutman Museum, Curator Tali Tamir, Tel Aviv, Israel
2005 "After", Petach Tikva Museum, curator: Hadas Maor, Israel,
2005 Presenting a series of photos and text "Phnom Penh" in "Terminal 23"
An Art review Magazine, Tel Aviv, Israel
2003 "Public Space", Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2002 "Mother Tongue", Ein Harod Museum, Ein Harod, curator: Tal Ben Zvi, Israel
2002 "Chain Reaction", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
2002 Text Reading, "Terminal Artists Exhibition", Habama Theatre, Jerusalem, Israel
2002 "Pastoral Picture", Performance Art, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
2001 "Hands Exhibition", Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
2000 "Pastoral Picture with a Bird, Hunter & Horizon", Performance Art, Habama Theatre, Jerusalem, Israel
1999-2000 "About the Body", Yanko Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel
1999 Writing and directing the "Queen of Flies", Hasimta Theatre, Jaffa, Israel
1998 "In Between 2", Video Art, Piramida Art Gallery, Haifa, Israel
"Instantaneous” Live Performance, Beaconsfield Gallery, London, UK
1997 "beside of yourself", Live Performance, Wimbledon Collage of Art, London, UK


Prizes& collections:

2018 The lottery grant to publish art book.
2014 Oscar Handler Prize, Kibutz Lohame Hagetaote Gallery, Israel.:
Brandes Family collection
Amos shoken Haartz Art collection
Comme if faut Collection
Privet collections



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