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Assaf Rahat - CV

1970 – Born in Israel
1994 – 1998 – Graduated Hamidrasha School of Art – Beit Berl Collage
Lives and works in Tel Aviv


Solo Exhibitions:

2020 'Atavizem', Sapir School of Art and culture

2018 Night of the Minotaur, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2018 Totem-Thread, Kibutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot Gallery

2016 Strip, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014 Chimera, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014 Inside Outwards, Yair Art Gallery, Tel Aviv 

2012 Experiment in Forecasting the Mood, Mutual Exhibition of Assaf Rahat and

             Pinchas Zinovich, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Curator: Yaniv Shapira)

2009 Biomorphic, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007 Private Space, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
2005 Eye Contact, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
2003 Sealed & Sticky, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
2001 Artists Workshop Gallery, Tel Aviv
1999 Nofar Gallery, Tel Aviv
1997 Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv


Group Exhibitions: 

2020 Black Sun, Chelouche gallery, Tel aviv

         'Women Make History, Feminism in the Age of Transnationalism', Haifa Museum of Art

2019 Naked Soul: Chaim Soutine and Israeli Art, Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod 

2019 Fresh Paint Fair #10, Prom, Beit Tami TLV, curator: Carmit Blumenson

2019 Yellow Vampire, Nulobaz Gallery, TLV

2017  Eyes, Don't Haunt Me, Yair Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017  The Soul, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2016  Wire(less) connections, Israel museum, Jerusalem

2016  Open notebooks, Herzliya Museum

2015  Local pulse, Artists House, Tel Aviv

2013  MG+ MSUM Ljubljana

2012  Salon Talk, Zaritsky Artists House, Tel Aviv
           Dvarim, the Memorial Center Gallery, Kiryat Tivon

2011  A Road to Nowehere, Ashdod Museum of Art, Ashdod

2010  "Re-Location", Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010  "Art Couture", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010  "Good Little Thing", Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009  Eye Regard, the Art Workshop Gallery, Yavneh 

            Home Page, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2008   Near and Apparent, The Open Museum Tefen

2007   BoysCraft, Haifa Museum of Art
2003   Yanko-Dada Museum, Ein Hod
2001   Beit Ribak Gallery, Bat-Yam

             Artists Against the Strong Hand, Beit-haam Gallery, Tel Aviv
2000 – “Arie Aroch: The Erection in Israeli Art”, Peer Gellery, Tel Aviv
             “Beginnings”, Art Gallery, Kadima
             “Constriction Site”, Art Gallery, Ramat Eliaho, Tel Aviv
1999 – “About Rafi”, Nofar Gallery, Tel Aviv
1998 -  Art Gallery, Ramat Eliaho, Tel Aviv


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