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An interview with the artist Nir Alon in Singulart art blog
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Nir Alon | ELEPHANT AND CASTLE | Group exhibition | Opening: 7.4.17 | Hamburg
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Nir Alon | An installation in St. Katharinen Church, Hamburg, Germany| Opening: 11.09.16
Opening:September 11th at 10am
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Gallery talk | Nir Evron and curator Ellen Ginton | in the exhibition "Masad" | Tel Aviv Museum of Art | 07.07.16
"Masad" | Solo Exhibition of Nir Evron at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
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Nir Alon at Kleine Gesellschaft für Kunst und Kultur, Humburg
HELL-DUNKEL, Opening: Friday 19.02.2016
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Nir Alon, A Moving Identity, 20.11.15, Cambridge Science Park
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Nir Alon at the MS Artville and Frappant e.V, Humburg
INTERCHANGE AND COMMENTARY III, part of the Music and Art festival MS Artville, Opening: MS Artville- 01.08.2015 ; Frappant e.V- 07.08.2015
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Nir Alon at the Agency Gallery, London
THE GROUND ON WHICH I STAND, 13.06.2015 - 23.07.2015
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Nir Alon at nachtspeicer23 e.V, Hamburg
NOTE OF THIS SIDE, Opening: Friday 12.09.2014, 7pm
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Nir Alon's solo exhibition at MYTORO Gallery, Hamburg
THE MAGNIFICENT LOSER (BUT NOT SO TRAGIC), opening Friday 07.02.2014
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Nir Alon at Westwerk, Humburg
BETREFF 28, 13-22.12.2013
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Nir Alon at the Harburger Kulturtag events, Hamburg
Opening: 26.10.2013
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Nir Alon On "100 Curators 100 Days"
On Saatchi Online
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Nir Alon at the exhibition 'The Ground on Which I Stand'
Tetris Gallery, Prishtina, Kosovo. Opening: 29.09.11
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Nir Alon, Guy Goldstein, Gaston Ickowicz and Tomer Sapir at The End of History, Germany
Hamburger Gängeviertel: Gallery Speckstrasse & Kutscherhaus, 09.06.11-02.07.11
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Nir Alon at Kunstverein Buchholz, Germany
10 Years 62 Exhibition. Opening: 29.05.2011
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Nir Alon at Gütersloh, Germany
METAKOM, 06.03.11 - 03.04.11
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Chelouche Gallery at Art Plus Hotel
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Chelouche Sale No. 5
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New Exhibition at Chelouche Gallery
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Nir Alon at the National Art Gallery, Prishtina, Kosovo
CALLING ALL THE STATIONS, The Muslim Mulliqi Prize 2009, 15.12.09 - 14.01.10
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Nir Alon at Art Forum Würth, Capena, Italy
Weltanschauung – VISIONE DEL MONDO, 12.09.09 - 07.08.10
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Nir Alon at Hotel Beethoven, Bonn, Germany
FULLY BOOKED, 14.11.09 - 17.02.10
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Nir Alon at Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim
OH, THE PROMISED LAND, 15.01.09 - 14.02.09
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Nir Alon at the Jewish Museum, Frankfurt
ACCESS TO ISRAEL 2, 10.09.08 - 16.11.08
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