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Shai Yehezkelli | The Great Siesta

Solo Exhibition

Opening: 31.10.19

Shai Yehezkelli, Self Portrait with Cane, 2019, oil on canvas, 150X130 cm


Chelouche Gallery cordially invites you to the opening of Shai Yehezkelli’s solo exhibition “The Great Siesta” on Thursday 31.10.19 at 20:00

The solo exhibition “The Great Siesta” by artist Shai Yehezkelli exhibits a new body of work of paintings strolling along the line of dream and reality: it’s confusing moment of encounter, the moment of awakening, and an examination of the concept of repression as a sort of deep sleep or eyes-shutting.

The name of the exhibition is a take-off on a translation of the German expression Schlafstunde, commonly used in Israel. Yehezkelli found that surprisingly enough, the expression is unfamiliar in Germany, but instead wondered its way to Israel together with the Jews that left Europe after the war. The expression relates to the artist’s continuous exploration of the figure of the Wandering Jew, as well as questions of the political subconscious and realization. Yehezkelli is continuing his attempts to flatten or diminish the pictorial surface, an act which detaches the image from its original surroundings and sends it to wander along the canvas.

* The exhibition is accompanied by the text "I am there" by Lior Ofir

Shai Yehezkelli (born 1979, Israel) has exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, his solo exhibitions include: “Maarava”, Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami (2019); “Nothing Went Wrong to Write Home About”, 2025 eV, Hamburg (2018); 'In Praise of Avalanche', Tel Aviv Museum of Art, curated by Anat Danon Sivan (2016), "Space C", Haifa museum of Art curated by Einav Ziv (2012), and more.

Yehezkelli holds an MFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv (2010), and a BFA with Highest Honor (”Summa Cum Laude”) from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (2006). He was awarded The Rappaport Prize for young Israeli artist (2015), the Bank Leumi Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievements (2006), the Arieli History & Theory Department Prize for excellent achievements, Bezalel academy (2006) and more.














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