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Uri Gershuni | 'Gone - There' | Solo exhibition

Uri Gershuni | 'Gone - There' | Chelouche Gallery Tel Aviv


Uri Gershuni, Untitled (from the serie Butterfly Effect), Van Dyke brown print, 2019, 12.5X10 cm

 'Gone - There' Exhibition



New opening hours:
Tuesday - Thursday 12:00-18:00
Firday - Saturday 11:00-14:00


In the new solo exhibition of Uri Gershuni 'Beyond - Here', Gershuni returns to the history of the photography medium and extracts an episode that occurred - In a small village in the north of England in the early 20th century: in 1917 Two girls, cousins ​​from the village of Cottingley, claimed to have seen real fairies in the woods behind their house.
They stunned their skeptical family members when they managed to capture the fairies using the camera. The five photos where you see the girls socialize with the fairies in nature, stirred not only their parents, but an enfire country and later, the rest of the world.
For a long time, the photographs ignited arguments of skeptics believes, between rationalists and mystics in their search for the truth.

Gershuni returns to the crime scene, he searches for, and even finds again, the fairies that seem to have never disappeared, but only hide out of sight. Standing on the verge of truth and fiction, Gershuni points out the points of friction between them, he ponders upon the parent-child relationships, about being and disappearing, on body and spirit, on the dead and the living, and also on the afterlife.

Full exhibition text by Naomi Siman-Tov - send us a mail to read it.

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