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Gallery talk | Something's Happened to Us Father | Saturday, 13.1.18, 12:00PM

12:00 PM Chelouche Gallery With Artist Tomer Sapir and Curator Avi Lubin

 Tomer Sapir's new exhibition "Something's Happened to Us Father" is a site-specific installation that includes sculptures, videos, photographs and collages. Sapir created an imaginary realm of "home, reacting to the fact that the gallery is constructed like a multi-level apartment, and does not distinguish between the real and the imagined, the biographical and the fictional, the personal and the symbolic. This is actually a new phase in Sapir's work, which developed from the ongoing project he has been carrying out over the last decade under the title "Research for the Full Crypto-Taxidermical Index." The project that began with the creation of fictitious organic configurations, and with the questions of cataloging and sorting, gradually shifted to focus on the human presence. In the current exhibition the house and family have become the center. As part of this move, Sapir's partner, Avi Lubin, curated the exhibition, and their children Nimrod and Tamara appear in various works.



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