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Tom Pnini | Videoland | Kunsthal Kade

10 years of Kunsthal KAdE | 25.5.19 - 1.9.19


Tom Pnini, Ballade to The Double, 4 channel HD projections, 29.05 min, still from video installation. Courtesy of Renée and Bob Drake collection


 Tom Pnini is exhibiting his video ‘Ballade to the Double’ (2012). The work shows four screens showing an ‘endless’ stretch of railway track at four different seasons. Railways are an archetypal cinematic symbol of time and the passage of time. On each screen we witness exactly the same train journey with the same interruption – a little girl playing near and on the tracks – but each time it is filmed at a different time of the year. Simultaneous, parallel, but each existing in its own moment of time, so that there is an interaction between ‘moment’ and repetition


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