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ongoing: Lali Katz | Solo Show - People | "Chelouche at the Cafe"

Bookworm Cafe ("Tolaat Sfarim") 7 Mazh St. Tel-Aviv


Chelouche Gallery Presents

"Chelouche at the Bookworm"

A joint project by Chelouche Gallery and Bookworm Cafe
“Chelouche at the Bookworm” is collaboration between Chelouche Gallery and Bookworm Café, in which the artist exhibiting at the gallery chooses a young artist to exhibit with her simultaneously at the book store cafe. It is intended to give public exposure to young aspiring artists


Yael Yudkovik is hosting Lali Katz | solo show | People

Artist Statement by Lali Katz

My work explores relationships between people, artifacts and daily life. My inspiration comes from bringing these relationships into my world. We are all an image of our circumstances, projecting outward our inner truths. We are perceived by the other only as the other's own mirror.

I engage in painting portraits of random people and objects from my daily life who I seek to know, Kind of like keeping a diary of the people or things that I am drawn to, only by painting instead of writing.
In my process I first become acquainted with my subject and later while painting am able to recreate my interpretation of them based on a new relationship acquired. Whether painting a close friend or a stranger, a compassionate part of me always manifests an emotion brought forth by their presence.
I tend to work on smaller scale formats. This enables me to really dig deep into a larger scale and mark down the characteristics Through composition and color. With a simplistic approach I lay down colors and strokes. It is intuitive and allows me to catch the essence of the person in front of me.



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