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'Solo if' - By Sahar Azimi & Anna Waisman

'Solo if' - By Sahar Azimi & Anna Waisman

Sahar Azimi's encounter with Stravinsky's work "Worship of spring" led to a ritual.
A contemporary perofrmance where the audience is an active and vital participant.

The ceremony seeks to create an experience of connection and communication.
Sahar created the work on the third floor of the Gallery as part of the long-standing engagement with the place and this is the last time the piece will be displayed in its original space.


In order to participate in the performace
'Solo if' - By Sahar Azimi & Anna Waisman
Please send us a mail:

- Thursday 2/7, 20:30,    Performed by Sahar Azimi
- Friday 3/7, 12:30,         Performed by Anna Waisman
- Saturday 4/7, 12:30,     Performed by Anna Waisman


The event will take place as part of the "Gallery Weekends" events in collaboration with Fresh Paint fair, the Tel Aviv municipality, Dagorla and Lehav Halevi.

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