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Nothing but Darkness

Uri Gershuni

12.02.15 - 28.03.2015

Uri Gershuni, Nothing but Drakness, 2015, solo exhibition at Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv, installation view (1)

Gallery Talk: Friday 13.03.2015 12:00


In Uri Gershuni's "Nothing but Darkness", is compsed of three intersecting new series of photographs taken during his recent stay in Germany. The images were taken from different locations and sources (used-car lot, sex websites, historical archives), yet all are imbued with a complex atmosphere towards the place itself.


The subject in the works is situated in a constant state of unfulfilled craving. Gershuni invites the viewer to wander in a world of images resembling ghosts from a different time and place. Thus confronts the viewer with feelings of existential emptiness and loneliness.


In parallel to this exhibition at Chelouche Gallery, Gershuni will be showing another solo exhibition at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, titled: "Apollo and the Chimney Sweeper". The two exhibitions are expressing remoteness and closeness with each other, and are both continuing Gershuni's journey into the obscurity of the history of photography and into his own personal history.


Exhibition text in Hebrew by Sami Berdugo

Press Release

Press Release - Hebrew
Gallery Talk with Uri Gershuni and Sami Berdugo, 13.03.15 

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