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3.11.16 - 17.12.16

Exhibition view - 2nd floor



A dual show 


Gideon Gechtman | Dana Yoeli


Opening: 3/11 at 20:00

This exhibition is a platform for a first grand meeting between two artists who deal with the emotional code of the object, and the implications of casting content in it from a national and political perspective. The connection between these two artists, from different generations and diverse backgrounds, strengthens the political dimension of nostalgia and memory stored in the art works.

Chelouche gallery offers a retrospective look into the fascinating body of works produced by Gideon Gechtman shown alongside Dana Yoeli, contemporary artist working on the same wavelength as Gechtman. A platform that provides space to a visual dialogue deeply related to our consumerist society, questioning how this very same affects the individual from a physical and mental prospective.


CREDENZA is a living room side commode, originally invented in Italy, used to display decorative items and always associated with a wooden design, a decorative stage for decoration only.



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