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Aya Ben Ron

08.02.07 - 24.03.07

Margalith (1), 2007, print on paper, 31X28 cm

Aya Ben Ron's solo exhibition features her film, Margalith accompanied by a series of prints and etchings.
The film Margalith (19 min) is an imaginary voyage of exploration into the house of an old woman, a physician no longer among the living.
The film consists of continuous sequences of still life, that occasionally come alive in animation, to reveal yet another layer in the story of the house's inhabitant. Pieces of furniture, carpets, medical equipment, books, tableware, china, and other objects partake in creating the complete picture of this distinct home, preserving the memory of the social and cultural encounter of an East European refugee with the reality of the Middle East. The longing for roots and stability comes across in this film through a fictional character – a girl in a flower costume who moves around the house, seeking answers.
The film fuses fragments of different kinds: some documentary, others cinematographic, as well as diverse types of animation. It expands gradually, like a jigsaw puzzle where the whole picture is made out of many little pieces of visual information.


The exhibition is accompanied by a book with an essay by Galit Eilat.

The film was produced with the support of the Jehoshua Rabinowitz Tel Aviv Foundation for the Arts

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