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Time Machine

Christoph Keller

27.12.05 - 11.02.06

Time Machine, 2005, general view (1), Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

This is Christoph Keller's first solo exhibition in Israel. Keller, born 1967 in Freiburg, Germany, works and lives in Berlin. Keller is one of Germany's most interesting and unique photographers and video artists.
In Time Machine Christoph Keller is presenting a series of time and space related works using the media of photography, live video, video art and a mirror-object. The show relates artwork from the recent years with first time shown objects.
The exhibition is centered on the notions of time and the machinic. Time as the constituting element of space - and the machinic, as an expression for the paradigm of the continuous flow of time that dominates perception in film and photography.
Using different points of view, Christoph Keller explores the Lorentz transformation, that suggests that time can be translated into space and wise versa, the influence of the theory of relativity on the object, and Heisenberg's ideas in quantum physics that claims the viewer influences the physical process, and the joint influences between time and space.


RUNDUM-BILDER: Ongoing series of photographs using slit-scan technique in self built cameras. Exploration of urban time profiles. The Rundum-Photographs is very long images representing a sequence of time rather than they are spatial. Only movement is being depicted. Instead of being "at a certain place at a certain time", the observer of panoramic reproductions finds himself in motion. Time builds the horizontal axis. It is only when speed of the camera begins to match that of the object that the panoramic reproductions begin to liken the photographic.

CONTINOUUS-PREESNT: Video-mirror in which the viewer sees him/herself slow motion. At the beginning of each 30second-sequence the mirror image is shown almost simultaneously, but then slowly the counter-image fades into the past.

INVERSE OBJECT NO.I: A slowly turning mirror-object with a perfect symmetrical structure. Every gaze of the viewer, who remains static in the center, is reflected back by its mirror prisms
RUNDUM-FILM: A video showing Rundum-Filmstrips that are used in a 35mm film-projector. The images are displayed only for split seconds. A voice talks about sizes of distances and time in the different layers of the projection.


Christoph Keller has exhibited in such places as PS1 in New York, KUNST-WERKE in Berlin, ZKM KARLSRUHE, MUSEUM NOBEL in Stockholm, Museum of Modern Art in Saltsburg, SPRENGEL MUSEUM in Hanover. In 2002 Keller participated at the group exhibition PARADISE at the Herzlya Museum of Art. In these days Christoph Keller is participating at the exhibition SCIENCE AND FICTION that opened recently at the National Museum in Tokyo.

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