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Still Under Treatment/ Preparation for Heaven

Aya Ben Ron and Nadav Weissman

29.06.06 - 29.07.06

Nadav Weissman, Preparations for Heaven (2), 2006, oil and charcoal on canvas, 170X115 cm

Preparations for Heaven includes 11 works, all oil and charcoal on plywood. Nadav Weissman, who developed in his work a rich world of images influenced from the world of childhood play, turns in these works to deal with the two levels of our conciseness – the upper realm and the lower realm. The paintings, with their white background, are lyrical and delicate. Weissman's typical characters, a hybridization of an adult and a child, are described as tadpoles–angels.


Aya Ben Ron shows in the video room her video Still Under Treatment (5:30 min), which was produced as part of the Why Don't You Say It? project of The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV and was shown at the Herzelya Museum of Art (September 2006) and at Oberhausen International Short Film Festival (May 2006). Following these screenings the video was invited to festivals in France, Bulgaria and Germany.

In her video Aya Ben Ron pursues her occupation with the clinical-medical aspect. The film depicts the minute in which seven patients (of different ages and backgrounds) are falling asleep during anesthesia. Showing nothing but close-ups, linking consciousness with unconsciousness, the film aims to evoke questions regarding our ability to control our life and our fear of death.
Aya Ben Ron was recently invited to take part at the Sau Paulo Biennale (opening this upcoming October). This year Ben Ron has participated in the exhibition Far and Away in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Beyond Richness in the Petach Tikva Museum of Art and exhibitions abroad.


Both Nadav Weissman and Aya Ben Ron have won the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport Award for the year of 2005.

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