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Still Under Treatment

Aya Ben Ron

17.03.05 - 29.04.05

Still Under Treatment, 2005, general view (1), Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

The exhibition Still Under Treatment is Aya Ben Ron's first solo exhibition since her return to Israel from a four years stay in London, where she studied at the prestigious Goldsmiths College.


The work deals with the relationship between the aesthetic view - the gaze at the form’s surface and the diagnostic view - the observing look that recognizes pathology. How do you recognize pathology? What kind of sensitivity or observation is involved with the recognition of pathology? The pathology erupts from within the work. It is not masked but still can not immediately be recognized.

Sickness is a burst of vitality. At the point of drowning, a person, by instinct, may drown his rescuer. A tumor, an intensified life form, destroys the body that nurtures it. What kills or muddles up the form is the excess of life.

Ben Ron pursues her occupation with the clinical-medical aspect, which is taken out of its strict context into an aesthetic digital world. This is a calculated and precise world, not a softened one.

In this exhibition Ben Ron replaces her colorful kaleidoscopic structures, which characterized her previous work, with singular images in monochrome. She intertwines traditional techniques, such as drawing, print and clay with digital techniques.


Aya Ben Ron was born in Israel in 1967. Ben Ron is a graduate of Goldsmiths College in the University of London. Her work was exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide ‘The Welcome Trust’ and ‘One In The Other’ Gallery, London and the National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan. Ben Ron has recently participated in Hilchot Schenim at the Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon, Overcraft – Obsession, Decoration and Biting Beauty in the Art Galley of Haifa University and Beit Ha’omanim, Tel Aviv and Gewalt in Loushi Art&Edition, Tel Aviv.
Ben Ron's artist book ‘First Aid’ was published last year by Omanut La'am

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