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Home Cooking

Nurit Yarden

03.11.05 - 10.12.05

Home Cooking, 2005, general view (1), Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

Nurit Yarden


The Quilts

In the quilts, pieces of cloth, which used to have different functions and used to belong to different worlds, are sewn together. On this bedding, on the heritage of women sitting together and working, Nurit Yarden "sews" a complex feminine experience in 20X20 cm photographs put together like quilts.


A quilt, a blanket, is supposed to defend and to warm, but at the same time it covers and hides. Beneath it one sometimes finds secrets and disturbing questions. The innocent expanse, all made of paper napkins of the kind little girls used to collect, is only apparently innocent. In it, next to a row of clenched fists, lie together recycled images of childhood pictures, body parts, portraits of women, small piles of books written by women. And among it all there are paper napkins in which windows open, chubby cats crouch next to the doors of an inn, ivy twines on the wall of a café, wild geese babble in the reeds.

The body and the house appear at the foundation of all the works.
Every pleasing recipe is attached to a body part of a young girl, and the tension rises between life, passions and creativity and the price one pays for one’s vulnerability and for being hurt. The house is connected with the recipes, the quilts, the Home Page from the Internet, the hand - crafts.

The works compose a transition from the private to the social and the general, from weakness to strength, from anger to acceptance.

Text by Tali Cohen Garbuz

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