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Motti Mizrachi

04.09.04 - 12.10.04

Passion, 2004, mixed media, variable sizes, installation View (1), Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

Motti Mizrachi- exhibition in 3 parts

Passion (Chelouche Gallery) - Wailing (Dvir Gallery) - Compassion (The Midrasha Gallery)

The three parts exhibition by Motti Mizrachi, one of Israel's most interesting and prominent artists, are a debatable and fascinating event with controversial contents.


In the center of the installation Passion, at Chelouche Gallery, stands two of the most controversial figures in the history of Israel: Mordechai Vaanunu ("the atom spy") and Yigal Amir (the murderer of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin).

The spectator arriving at the exhibition is tempted to look through a hole in the red/ orange decorative separation wall. The wall, which crosses the space of the gallery, has perverted sexuality, and through the peeping hole appears a divine blue uterus that contains a lens and a pink towel. The act of voyeurism transforms the art lover into a perverted peeper, an unsatisfied voyeur, caught red handed and transformed into an accused. The guilt is reinforced and fortified through the present witnesses- Mordechi Vaanunu and Yigal Amir- that undid cultural and political norms.





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