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Sealed & Sticky

Assaf Rahat

14.03.03 - 28.04.03

Sealed & Sticky, 2003, general view (1), Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

In this exhibition eight new works by Assaf Rahat are presented, most of which are of very large scale, 240X110 cm in size. The works are made out chiefly of industrial cellotape, the same kind used by plumbers for pipe sealing. The functional material is both impervious and flexible, and substitute the traditional brush and paint. The difficulty involved in the pictorial work and the attempt to control a hard and ungiving material, give the sensation of multiple layered oil painting, made with bounded or restrained hands.
The limitations are also expressed in the content: the works deal with a singular isolated image of a body or a dysfunctional physicality, when the attempt of redeeming the body through sexuality is possible only as an autoerotic action.
The large dimensions of the works emphasize the protagonists' solitary and the dualism that occurs: manhood and impotency, power and discharge.


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