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Can't You See I'm Walking on Air?

Group Exhibition within a year to Gideon Gechtman's Demise

24.12.09 - 30.01.10

Can't You See I'm Walking on Air?, 2010, general view (1), Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

Can't You See I'm Walking on Air?

Group exhibition within a year to Gideon Gechtman's Demise

Ori Drumer, Gideon Gechtman, Ben Hagari, Erez Israeli,
Miki Kratsman, Hila Lulu Lin, Motti Mizrachi, Miri Segal, Gal Weinstein

Curator: Nira Itzhaki


Gideon Gechtman was a center pillar to Israeli art and one of Chelouche Gallery's artists for over two decades. With rare integrity, he paved an innovative conceptual path in which he went uncompromising. The artistic language he developed had and still has a tremendous influence on generations of artists.


The exhibition pays tribute to the unique artistic language of Gechtman and its influence as it finds its expression in the works of the exhibiting artists through myths of death, memory and commemoration.


The artists exhibiting in this show correspond in various ways with Gechtman's work. Some of them had shared a common path in the past, like Motti Mizrachi in the seventies and the eighties, Gal Weinstein and Miri Segal who exhibited alongside with him in joint shows, others like Hila Lulu Lin, Miki Kratsman and Ori Drumer who correspond with various aspects of his work, and Ben Hagari and Erez Israeli who were his students.


Gideon Gechtman was born in Alexandria (1942), and immigrated to Israel with his family in 1945. He passed away on November 27, 2008. His last solo show "Launching Apparatus" at Chelouche Gallery was exhibited in September 2008.
In 2007, Gechtman won the Lifetime achievement award for his artistic contribution to Israeli art.


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