Pamela Levi: 'Valley of Hell' | Solo Exhibition at Chelouche Gallery
Opening: 02.12.2023 at 12:00
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Lior Zalmanson | Basic Basic English
David Mach, Heavy Duty, Installation at Hamumche Gallery, 1997, 50 Tons of Newspapers, 3 Shipping Containers, 500 Wood Plates, Installation View (1)
Passage International No.2
Pamela Levy, Valley of Hell, Virgil, 1990, oil on canvas, 164x188.5 cm

Avi Pitchon, Haaretz, on Pamela Levy’s Exhibition, ‘Valley of Hell’

Read full article on Haaretz: LINK (IN HEBREW)
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Pamela Levi, Resuscitation. 1993-2004, oil on canvas, 160x200 cm

Pamela Levy: ‘Valley of Hell’ | Solo Exhibition at Chelouche Gallery

Opening: 02.12.2023, at 12:00 The exhibition commemorates the 20th anniversary of her death.
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Shay Dekel Shchori, Portfolio, on Ira Eduardovna’s Graphic Novel ‘The Iron Road’

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Untitled, 2022, mixed media, 60x240.5x10 cm

Last days to visit Yael Yudkovik’s exhibition, ‘My Death Came To Me Suddenly’

What are words if not silence. When the words disappear, the presence of art increases. Special opening hours for the upcoming week: 24-25.11.2023 Fri. & Sat.:...
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20.11.2023 at 18:00 | Subscribe to Online Gallery Talk on Yael Yudkovik’s Exhibition ‘My Death Came To Me Suddenly’

Gallery Talk with artist Yael Yudkovik, Dr. Galia Bar-Or and Prof. Yael Guilat. 20.11.2023 | 18:00-19:30 Subscribe in advance via link: HERE (FREE, IN HEBREW)
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Gilad Melzer, Haaretz, on Yael Yudkovik’s Exhibition ‘My Death Came To Me Suddenly’, at Chelouche Gallery

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Remembering Something I Never Knew

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David Mach, Zadok Ben-David


The joint exhibition between the British artist David Mach and the Israeli artist Zadok Ben-David is the second in a series of international “Passage” encounters at the Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art.
Curator: Nira Itzhaki, Lorand Hegyi

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