Uriel Miron, Are You Bluish, 2024, beechwood and oil-paint, 123x335x37 cm (1)
Solo Exhibition
Uriel Miron


 - 04.05.2024

Chelouche Gallery
Curator: Aya Miron
Within the generous spaces of Chelouche Gallery, Jaffa, Uriel Miron presents new sculptures in wood, in which the hard, constructive material pretends to be soft and yielding. In “Carved at the Joints”, we encounter volumetric forms that seem soft and fleshy, even juicy. They are joined – or maybe pulled apart – at narrow, tenuous junctures. This is not the drama of bone joining bone, but of flesh severing from itself. The text accompanying the show, by curator Aya Miron, reveals the early stirrings of Miron’s sculptural sensibility over fifty years ago.

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