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Chelouche Gallery
Chelouche Gallery
Second solo exhibition of Assaf Rahat at the Chelouche gallery.

Unlike his previous show, in which Rahat chose to exhibit works made mainly out of industrial masking-tape, in this exhibition Rahat chooses twine, strings, embroidery thread and glue as the sol materials of his work. Rahat opts for unconventional materials and the outcome is expressive, disturbing and full of emotion.

In the exhibition seven works done in the previous two years were being exhibited, all made out of twine, strings, embroidery thread and glue. The works depict images in different conditions, such as father and son in the tub, the sacrificing of Isaac, and more. Rahat corresponds with art history in general, and particularly the Israeli art history, as seen in portrait of Raffi Lavi, his former teacher at the art academy, or the sacrificing of Isaac following Caravagio.

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