Wall, Bed and Slippers | Drorit Gur Arie

Yossi Mark, Twilight, underpainting, 2005, pencil and oil on canvas, 118.5X142.5 cm

Wall, Bed and Slippers Drorit Gur Arie The women that inhabit Yossi Mark’s paintings are within themselves, in a bedroom, sitting bewildered at the edge of a bed or half asleep on a crumpled sheet. Their reddish curly hair hints at relaxation, artlessness, a primeval quality; and their body language testifies to peacefulness, as if […]


Catalogue | Solo Exhibition | Curator: Dr. Shlomit Shaked | 2001


A collective Set Free, 2005, Bicycles, clothes and name tags, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Installation view

A Collective Set Free / Tali Tamir The five bicycles that comprise Yael Yudkovik’s installation represent a whole family: two parents and three children. Organized in an arrow-like formation, the family of cyclists maintains a traditional patriarchal hierarchy, by which the father takes the lead and the mother and children follow the route that he […]

Dalit Matatyahu on ‘Infamy club’

Yael Yudkovik, Infamy club, Installation, 2013, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Installation View (1)

 “Infamy club” Dalit Matatyahu What Kind of sensation arises in us in the physical presence of the savage? The “loutish” presence of his body, which our soul identifies as flesh of our flesh, is both attractive and repulsive. Think of Queequeg’s pagan arm hugging Ishmael’s body, stirring in him a childhood memory: his stepmother, who […]

Yael Yudkovik- interview With Naama Riba

Yael Yudkovik, Untitled (2a), 2017-2019, mixed media, 2.5x85x20 cm

16.10.2019 English version: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium.MAGAZINE-the-kaffiyeh-art-exhibit-that-s-making-israel-tremble-1.7990498 Hebrew version: https://www.haaretz.co.il/gallery/art/.premium-MAGAZINE-1.7957032

The She-elephant in the Room

Yael Yudkovik, Untitled (1a), 2017-2019, mixed media, 75x47x47 cm

 The She-elephant in the Room / about the Annual Conference on the Prevention and Care of Pressure Ulcers, by Yael Yudkovik Sharron Hass About two years ago, Yael Yudkovik showed me photographs from an installation-in-progress, titled the Annual Conference on the Prevention and Care of Pressure Ulcers. I clearly remember my reaction to the photographs […]

Yael Yudkovik in Artforum

Yael Yudkovik, Untitled (3b), 2017-2019, mixed media, 197x116x52.5 cm

We are pleased to announce that Yael Yudkovik at Chelouche Gallery is currently featured in artforum.com’s “Critics’ Picks” section, a select review of shows worldwide. www.artforum.com/picks/nuit-banai-on-yael-yudkovik-81032‏


Documentation from the project “Polynomos”, 2003 , In the foyer space of Bat-Dor Dance, Tel Aviv, Bandmann Collection, Tokyo

Polynomos / Tami Katz-Frieman Male sexual organs also star in Yael Yudkovik’s floor installation, Polynomos. A crowded collection of phallic structures thrusting upward like towers, of different textures and heights. The general impression is of a fantastic glacial landscape, a kind of continent, island, or puddle with imaginary bodies thrusting out of it. The objects […]

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