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Hila Shkolnik Brenner on The Library Room, City Mouse, 17.5.12

Paul D'Agostino about “That.There. Then.”, “The Sounds of Near Silence”, The L Magazine, 21.11.12

Paul D'Agostino on “That.There.Then”, “The 12 Best Brooklyn Art Shows of 2012”, The L Magazine, 17.12.12

Amanda Dalla Villa Adams on “A Thousand Years”, “Mining Memory: Ira Eduardovna in Richmond”, Burnaway, 19.5.15

Smadar Sheffi on The Library Room, Galleria, Haaretz, 16.05.2012


Smadar Sheffi on The Library Room, “Folded Family”, Galleria, Haaretz, 16.05.2012

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