Solo Artist

Apollo and the Chimney-Sweeper

HOLY DAY | Uri Gershuni

Cockeye: Male Nude in Contemporary Israeli Art

The Blue Hour | Artist Book, 2014

Local Testimony | Exhibition catalog | 2013

Dofek Mekomi

Hilun Ha'Kodesh

Winners 2012

Uri Gershuni and Shay Zilberman: ‘Eye Contact’ | Exhibition catalog | Inga Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2012

Yesterday's Sun

Living Room | Exhibition Catalogue, Tel-Aviv Museum, 2010 | 5 Photographers, 10 Years After

Hamidrasha Magazine

Day and Night

Cocks Achilles

A5 magazine, Issue no. 6, Sex, 2008

A5 magazine, Issue no. 4, Portrait, 2008

Boys Craft


Eventually We'll Die

Kink Magazine

The Homes of Others

Sweet 16




Rose c'est la Vie

Behind Closed Doors

Hamidrasha Magazine | Issue no. 4, 2001

Mono.Kultur Magazine


Mono.Kultur Magazine, issue no. 4, 2006

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