[ Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art ] Dana Yoeli OLYMPIA 2017 Catalog for artist Dana Yoeli’s solo exhibition “Olympia”. Dana Yoeli is an Israeli

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Yael Yudkovik, Untitled (2a), 2017-2019, mixed media, 2.5x85x20 cm

Yael Yudkovik- interview With Naama Riba

16.10.2019 English version: Hebrew version:

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A collective Set Free, 2005, Bicycles, clothes and name tags, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Installation view


A Collective Set Free / Tali Tamir The five bicycles that comprise Yael Yudkovik’s installation represent a whole family: two parents and three children. Organized

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Yael Yudkovik, Untitled (3b), 2017-2019, mixed media, 197x116x52.5 cm

Yael Yudkovik in Artforum

We are pleased to announce that Yael Yudkovik at Chelouche Gallery is currently featured in’s “Critics’ Picks” section, a select review of shows worldwide.

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Documentation from the project “Polynomos”, 2003 , In the foyer space of Bat-Dor Dance, Tel Aviv, Bandmann Collection, Tokyo


Polynomos / Tami Katz-Frieman Male sexual organs also star in Yael Yudkovik’s floor installation, Polynomos. A crowded collection of phallic structures thrusting upward like towers,

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