Jaffa Artists Residency

Jaffa Artists Residency

4 Mazal Teomim st., Old Jaffa

For additional details please contact Chelouche gallery at:

+972 (0)3-6200068

The Jaffa Artists Residency in Old Jaffa in collaboration with the Old Jaffa Society. It is located at 4 Mazal Teomim street in Old Jaffa, overlooking the Mediterranean, in a beautiful building that has undergone conservation and renovation. The building contains seven spaces for hospitality, work, and residence, and will serve as a home for the joint work of Israeli artists – Jews and Arabs – and international artists. The residency program is designed to support artists through an envelope that includes funding for a stay, a project production budget, enrichment workshops for professional development, and guidance and counseling by a curatorial team. This is a program that follows from a holistic worldview that contributes to both the artists and the community. Cooperation with other Artist Residences worldwide is expected. The vision behind the establishment of the residence is to turn Old Jaffa into a center of young and vibrant contemporary art: to attract a culture-loving audience frequently, to offer interest to passers-by on the streets, and to provide a platform for interesting projects from Israel and abroad.

The Residency is a combined initiative of the Old Jaffa Society and the Chelouche Gallery of Contemporary Art.

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