Remembering Something I Never Knew

Untitled (9), 2023, ink, oil pastel and pencil on paper, 47x39 cm (framed)

Yudkovik’s drawings hold hints and outlines contexts, above and under the ground. Yudkovik’s art is mostly nourished by biographical materials, evolving through a continuing dialog with death, via the awareness of finality on the one hand, and the effort to put it off on the other. The drawings are in a state of preparation for […]

But Why Do I Hear the Crickets, it’s Morning

Tomer Sapir, But Why Do I Hear the Crickets, it's Morning, installation view, Petah Tikva Museum of Art (18)

On an autumnal Friday morning, about four years ago, when he was walking his twin children to school, Tomer Sapir’s daughter, Tamara, asked: “But why do I hear the crickets; it’s morning?” The question sounded to him like the vision of a prophetess who identified a disruption in nature, and echoed a dream he once […]

The Slave Song

The artist Amir Nave inaugurates the new space of the Chelouche Gallery in Old Jaffa with the exhibition “The Slave Song”. Nave (48), Born in Be’er Sheva, lives and works now in Jaffa, Paris and York. The exhibition ”The Slave Song”, which will open on September 8, is the third part in a trilogy whose […]

The Iron Road

Ira Eduardovna, The Iron Road, 2021, Two channel video installation, Duration: 22 min, Video still (3)

It takes four nights and three days to travel from Uzbekistan to Russia by train. The railroad goes northwest through Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia, crossing the changing landscape – from Uzbek cities and desert through the Kazakh steppe, to Russian forests. In the winter of 1990, my family and I took that train, as we […]

The Slave Age

Following a global apocalypse, individuals from around the country gathered en masse for what appears to be an endless caravan, a procession without a clear purpose or destination–perhaps the sole reason for action in a hollow space that rejects any interpretation. Disdain for the notion that, within this huge, stifling order, someone–a person or a […]

Two Figures In A Field

Tom Pnini, Two Figures In A Field, 2020, Installation View (4) Lesley Heller is pleased to present Two Figures in a Field, an experiential installation by the New York based, Israeli-born artist Tom Pnini. In this exhibition, Pnini—known predominantly for his films—has constructed an interactive installation comprised of two main elements The Set and The Vinyl Album, where the audience becomes an active participant. The […]

Sunset Demo/Sonya

Tom Pnini, Sunset Demo/Sonya, 2008, video, 2:50 Min, still from video

In Sunset Demo/Sonya, the viewers’ first encounter is of a mountain range on a dark blue night. The camera is still and we hear birds singing from afar. As the seconds pass, we start noticing a round, light orange disc appearing from behind the peaks of the mountain. The disc was actually a five-meter-in-diameter, two-dimensional […]

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