Nir Alon

Nir Alon, room size installation, the Fine Art collection of the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, 2018, Furniture, Neon tubes, drawings, view 1

The Glory and the Misery of our Existence (sorrow of others) | An installation at the Jewish Museum Fine Art collection, Frankfurt

Nir Alon, Some steps before you join us, 2017,Installation, mixed media 430x320x45 cm

Elephant and castle

Nir Alon, The principle of population, 2016, St. Katharinen Church, Hamburg Germany

The Principle of Population

Nir Alon, My lucky day in hell (things my mother told me), 2009, furniture and light bulbs, Room size 700x500x300 cm, installation view (1), the National Gallery, Kosovo

My Lucky Day in Hell

Nir Alon, How Can I Entertain You? 2007, installation view (1), Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche Osnabrück, Germany

How Can I Entertain You?

Nir Alon, Life Does You Only Good, 2007, installation view, Neumünster, Hamburg, Germany

Life Does You Only Good

Nir Alon, Some Things are Better as They Seems, 2007, installation view, Neumunster, Hamburg

Some Things Are Better As They Seems

Nir Alon, Now You've Got a Big Problem, Mister, 2007, installation view (1), Linda Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

Now You Got a Big Problem, Mister

Nir Alon, With Us You Can Have It Better I, 2006, installation view (1), Sebastian Fath Contemporary Mannheim, Germany

With Us You Can Have It Better I, II

Nir Alon, Das Prenzip der Verantwortung (The principle of responsibility), 2006, installation view (1), Magnus P. Gerdsen Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

Das Prenzip der Verantwortung

Nir Alon, Ostentatiously Stagger, 2005, installation view (1), Atelierhaus, Bonn, Germany

Ostentatiosly Stagger

Nir Alon, It Is All About Us, 2005, Out door sculpture, installation view (1), an outdoor project in Hamburg, Germany

It Is All About Us

Nir Alon, Trust Is Good, 2005, installation view, Kunstverein Buchholz, Germany

Trust Is Good

Nir Alon, Lines of Pleasure, 2005, installation view (1), Bleibtreu Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Lines of Pleasure

Nir Alon, Together We’re Strong, 2005, installation view, Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany

Together We are Strong

Nir Alon, A Case of Imperceptible Support (love), 2004, installation view (1), Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany

A Case of Impercetible Support (love)

Nir Alon, An Act of Meanness In Small Steps, 2004, installation view, Sebastian Fath Contemporary Mannheim, Germany

An Act of Meanness In Small Steps

Nir Alon, Refuted Rumors, 2004, installation view, FreiRäume, Berlin, Germany

Refuted Rumors


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