December 2, 2017

Chelouche Gallery at Untitled Miami | Solo show by Dana Ruttenberg & Oren Shkedy | 6-10.12.17

Chelouche Gallery at Untitled Miami | Solo show by Dana Ruttenberg & Oren Shkedy | 6-10.12.17

Miami Beach, Dec 6-10, 2017

VIP and Press Preview:
Dec 5, 1 pm—8 pm

Featuring the solo project:


Dana Ruttenberg & Oren Shkedy | BOOTH B4

Dana Ruttenberg & Oren Shkedy, Oh Henri, 2017, still from Video

Dana Ruttenberg & Oren Shkedy, Vitruvian Scissors, 2017, Still from video

A series of video art works that extract the moving body from the performance stage, and relocate it onto the screen. The works employ the body’s vocabulary-in-motion in order to generate meaningful structures and alignments on the pixelated “canvas”.
The live dancing bodies that were captured reappear as two-dimensional silhouettes. The act of “shearing” disrupts the functionality of the act of photography while simultaneously focusing our gaze on the characters through the prism of movement. Once the characters have been peeled and stripped of all external identifying indicators, all that is left is the body – its form and the way in which it moves.
All of the works are free of sound, absorbing the acoustic landscape of the space in which they are situated.
This is Dana and Oren’s fifth collaboration . They exhibited their first collaborative series at the “Fresh Paint 5” in 2012, produced two medium length dance films and since then have shown their work both in Israel and around the world.
In adition, you can find here a comprehensive essay regarding their work: link

Join us for a special screening of the award winning dance films Glove Story and Private I’s, of Dana Ruttenberg and Oren Shkedy in the presence of the artists.
Saturday, DECEMBER 9 at 9pm at the Betsy Hotel -1433 Collins Avenue,Miami Beach, Following reception by The Consulate General of Israel in Miami.
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