May 15, 2012

Chelouche Gallery is part of the Houses from Within Weekend

Chelouche Gallery is part of the Houses from Within Weekend

Chelouche Gallery is part of the Houses from Within Weekend

Friday, 18.05.12, 1:00 pm
Saturday, 19.05.12, 1:00 pm


Chelouche Gallery\'s building, Beit Hateumim

Architects: Yosef Berlin and Richard Pasovsky, 1925;

Preservation architect: Amnon Bar Or, 2003; Gallery architect: Danny Penzias, 2010


The architect Danny Penzias leads these tours at one of the most famous and prominent buildings in the urban landscape, focusing on its conversion into a gallery. Penzias will talk about the architectural challenges that characterized the project: how do you build a gallery in a building designated for preservation that was not intended for that purpose, and how do you deal with the limitations inherent in the structure – small spaces, large windows that detract from the exhibition spaces, the division into two floors that lack a physical connection between them, etc. The tours will also address the building`s historical background – which was one of the first buildings in the city, and over the years it has served as a residence, architecture school, and wing of Hadassah Hospital.

Reservations not required; each tour is limited to 40 participants on a first come, first served basis.

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