March 25, 2023

Classic at Salon Chelouche: Concert #1 – Toscanini quartet and Yonatan Hadas

Classic at Salon Chelouche: Concert #1 – Toscanini quartet and Yonatan Hadas

The “Classic at Salon Chelouche” series presents an innovative concept: “boutique concert”, which offers in addition to a musical performance a visit to exhibitions presented at the new and spectacular Chelouche Gallery space, one of the most impressive historical buildings of the region, located in Old Jaffa.

1/4/2023 // Saturday at 12:00 // Concert #1 // Toscanini quartet and Yonatan Hadas – the Classical and the Klezmer


Yonatan Hadas is a clarinet virtuoso with a unique skills set, he can move between musical styles seamlessly. Together we explore the fine line between classical music, Klezmer, Choro music (Brazil) and Israeli music.


Musical program:

Mozart – clarinet quintet k.581

Astor Piazzolla – Tango Ballet

Bandolim – cadencia (Arr. – Daniel Ring)

Bela Kovach – Shalom Aleichem

Gershwin – walking the dog (promenade)

Yohanan Zaray – Gan Hashikmim (Arr. Lahav Shani)


Ticket Price: 120 nis
Link to purchase tickets:

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