January 20, 2023

Dana Ruttenberg: I am All Ears | Performance at Tel Aviv Museum

Dana Ruttenberg: I am All Ears | Performance at Tel Aviv Museum

21.1.23 Saturday

Dana Ruttenberg takes upon herself the role of a disobedient “rememberer” (librarian/archivist). In fact, she is a medium. While leading the audience in a tour of the empty gallery, she communicates a stream of consciousness that is a collection of voices of different speakers, and through them she recalls exhibitions that have taken shape in the gallery since its inception. In the months leading to the exhibition, Dana interviewed dozens of curators, artists, restorators, guides and other staff members, all of whom have seen the gallery in its festive moments and its chaotic ones, and have touhced the exhibitions that showcased in it from up close. From discussions about art, personal and human memories come to the surface. They accumulate into an unwritten history that does not find its way to the catalogues, and reveals an unseen aspect of the museal space.

Link to Tel Aviv Museum website

Photo credit: Yair Meyuhas

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