January 2, 2012

Design: Styles, Collecting, Collections, Highlights

Design: Styles, Collecting, Collections, Highlights

Design: Styles, Collecting, Collections, Highlights

Dr. Daniella Ohad

March-May 2012



A new program imported brought from New York (in Hebrew) on collecting design will be taking place at the Chelouche Salon and will be conducted by Dr. Daniella Ohad, a design historian, writer, educator, and design advisor. The program, the only one of its kind in Israel is directed for Interior designers, architects, set designers, creative consultants, art and design collectors, writers and editors, art advisors, and all those seeking to learn about design and to elevate their taste, to get familiarized with the emerging field of collecting design, and for those seeking for a refined connoisseurship.

The course consists of 10 sessions, two hours each, and it discusses the following subjects and themes:

The Arts and Crafts Movement
Art Nouveau
Vienna 1900 – The Birth of Modernism
The German Modern Movement
Art Deco
Postwar American Design
The Studio Movement
Postwar French Design
Collecting Contemporary Design

The last session will be taking place at a studio of one of Israel\'s leading designers, and whose work has a strong presence in the international marketplace.

For further details please contact us:

Tel: 03.6200068

E-mail: nirai@zahav.net.il

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