Blinds (1), 2000-2001,photograph on blinds, 180X150 cm

In the exhibition Michal Shamir will present 5 scenery photographs of desolation, yellow from the haze and dust, glued onto gigantic shades that are pierced in light slits through which the light does not shine.  Between them a video is projected in a loop, showing a nipple spraying milk on to the camera lens in […]

My Death Came To Me Suddenly

Yael Yudkovik, Untitled, 2023, mixed media, height 150 cm, depth 90 cm (2)

The current solo exhibition by Yael Yudkovik holds hints and outlines of contexts, above and under the ground. Yudkovik’s art is mostly nourished by biographical materials, evolving through a continuing dialog with death, via the awareness of finality on the one hand, and the effort to put it off on the other, with playful tricks, […]

But Why Do I Hear the Crickets, it’s Morning

On an autumnal Friday morning, about four years ago, when he was walking his twin children to school, Tomer Sapir’s daughter, Tamara, asked: “But why do I hear the crickets; it’s morning?” The question sounded to him like the vision of a prophetess who identified a disruption in nature, and echoed a dream he once […]

The Iron Road

Ira Eduardovna, The Iron Road, 2021, Two channel video installation, Duration: 22 min, Video still (3)

In her two-channel video, The Iron Road (2021), Ira Eduardovna revisits the night in which her family left Uzbekistan on its way to Israel, focusing on her memories as a ten-year-old girl from the farewell at the train station, which marked the beginning of a long journey. The artist reconstructs the train cabin from memory, returning her […]

Aviva’s Eye, Beuys Body

In his new exhibition, at the Bar-David Museum, Rahat presents charcoal drawings on paper and oil paintings on jute. In these works, the artist describes the influence of great international and Israeli artists on his works, inner world, and art.


Assaf Rahat, From Series 'Daysleeper', Untitled (3), 2020, Ballpoint pen on paper, 29.5x21 cm

Are we facing a process of creation or erasure? Of subsistence or disappearance? In a series of intimate drawings, Assaf Rahat draws homeless figures, whom he meets on the city’s boulevards and alleys. The figures seem indifferent to their environs, indrawn, curled up to sleep on a bench surrounded by vegetation at the heart of […]

Shadows on a Mountainside

Untitled, 2020, oil on canvas, 81x59.5 cm

In the exhibition “Shadows on a Mountainside”, the artist Shai Yehezkelli presents a new body of paintings that expands the visual lexicon associated with him. The Jewish-diasporic or Orientalist motifs that characterized Yehezkelli’s previous works, give way to an engagement with the painting’s interior spaces. These extend down a sinking ship, up a mountain, or […]

The Iron Road – The Drawings

Ira Eduardovna, 'The Iron Road - The Drawings', 2021, ink and gouache on paper, Detail (11)

In the exhibition ”The Iron Road – The Drawings”, at the north gallery of Chelouche Gallery, 130 original drawings – appearing in the graphic novel by Ira Eduardovna – will be presented. The graphic novel is a peek behind the scenes of the video work “The Iron Road”, which is currently being shown at the […]


Michal Chelbin, Miriam, Inkjet Archival Print, 80x80 cm, 2020

The exhibition “Daydreamers” is Michal Chelbin’s second solo exhibition at the Chelouche Gallery and is dedicated to fashion photography, including projects created by Chelbin for leading fashion houses such as Dior, Lanvin, and Gucci. The works in this exhibition constitute a rich theme of fascinating visual work that takes place locally and internationally. Chelbin has […]

Works 1953-2011

Yadid Rubin, Untitled (17), 2004, oil on canvas, 90x110 cm

Artist Yadid Rubin is considered one of the most established artists in Israel,  his paintings express the beautiful “Israeliness” of the kibbutz landscapes, tractors in vast plowed fields, citrus groves, and cypress boulevards; Disappearing landscapes and, continue to exist in his paintings, free from visible dependencies; Rubin, as known, painted in a studio that had […]

Basic Basic English

Chelouche Gallery is happy to announce the opening of </sandbox> our new Digital Art Platform! Join us for the first </sandbox> online opening: Lior Zalmanson – Basic Basic English Solo Exhibition 19.12.2022 (8PM CET / 9 PM Tel Aviv) link to the event: in collaboration with DISTANTGALLERY.COM ‘Basic Basic English’ proposes a possibility of dialogue […]

Pekin Opera Facing Design and Augmented Reality

Peking Opera Facial Designs n°1, color photograph, 47 x 47 in (120x120 cm)

Since the beginning of my artistic journey, I have used masks, whether traditional Japanese Noh Masks or popular and funny plastic masks. The masks present an element of distance that has always interested me” – ORLAN In this exhibition, pioneering artist ORLAN, continues to blur the boundaries between art, anthropology, technology, and science. The series […]

Folding Scenery

Nadav Weissman, Installation, Museo de la Ciudad de Querètaro, Mexico, 2022. plywood and charcoal, video mapping animation, Variable dimensions. Installation view (1)

Nadav Weissman’s exhibition, Folding Scenery, is a multi-layer installation of plywood sheets and digital projections snaking along the gallery walls and protruding into its space. Like a cut-and-pasted folded landscape, this jigsaw puzzle of physical and organic parts takes its forms from natural environments and the human body; creating a topographic view of invented territories. […]

The Slave Age

Following a global apocalypse, individuals from around the country gathered en masse for what appears to be an endless caravan, a procession without a clear purpose or destination–perhaps the sole reason for action in a hollow space that rejects any interpretation. Disdain for the notion that, within this huge, stifling order, someone–a person or a […]

Take Me Out of Here

Tal Shoshan, Take me Out of Here, 2021, Petah Tikva Museum of Art, Installation View (2)

Curator: Irena Gordon We step into a landscape which is an interior, a hidden space whose walls have been breached, revealing it in all its familiarity and strangeness. The space is inviting, drawing us in with its tactile sensuality, its formal richness, and the interrelations between the various objects within it. As we go in […]

Underground 2

Nadav Weissman, Underground 2, 2021, Birch, plywood and charcoal, video mapping animation, Variable dimensions Site-specific installation, Dana Gallery, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, Detail (3)

Site-specific installation at Dana Gallery, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai Birch, plywood and charcoal, video mapping animation, Variable dimensions.

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