Solo Exhibition

The Library Room

Chelouche Gallery
Braverman gallery, Tel Aviv
Solo exhibition at Braverman gallery
Ira Eduardovne, The Library Room, 2009, two channel video installation - projected on a foldable plywood object, 130cmx380cmx200cm

Ira Eduardovna | The Library Room

Solo exhibition at Braverman gallery

text – Ira Eduardovna:

The video shows members of my family packing a suitcase in a sort of assembly line structure: my father is naming the object in Russian, my mother is taking the object and placing it on a table, my older sister is wrapping it and I place it in the suitcase. Every time the father names the object, a synthetic voice translates the name of the object to Hebrew. The situation happens in a domestic library room.
The narrative was filmed 5 times: one high angle shot of the table with the suitcase and the hands of the family members and four frontal medium shots of each family member. The five angles composited together create a layout of a room, as if it’s an open box/cube. The video is projected on an architectural structure of the room layout made of plywood, with a potential to open and close

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