Solo Exhibition

Valley of Hell

 - 20.01.2024
Chelouche Gallery
Chelouche Gallery
Curator: Nira Itzhaki
Opening: 02.12.2023, at 12:00 The exhibition commemorates the 20th anniversary of her death.
Pamela Levy, Tire Yard, Nude Figures, 1984-1985, oil on canvas, 140x198 cm

Read exhibition text (IN HEBREW): LINK

Read ‘Valley of Hell’, text by Itamar Levy: IN HEBREW, IN ENGLISH

Avi Pitchon, Haaretz, on Pamela Levy’s Exhibition: LINK


The work of Pamela Levy, one of the prominent and central figurative artists in the Israeli art world, is full of tensions and contrasts: strength and vulnerability, intimacy and alienation. Two decades after she died in 2004, the paintings seems to have gained additional layers of meaning. It is possible that the same “view from the outside” was needed to see something that “from the inside” cannot be seen.

Her works deal with distinct feminist and political content. The women in Pamela’s paintings are exposed and vulnerable, but not necessarily weak, and the naked girl cut off from her surroundings, has inner strength and an upright back.

A few hundred meters from her studio in the artists’ workshops in the Talpiyot neighborhood in Jerusalem, Guy Ben Hinnom’s (Valley of hell) slope began, It appears in the background of many of her paintings. Pamela liked the idea that she lived and worked so close to a place with mythological power.

Pamela Levy’s painting sometimes looks like a frozen pantomime episode. Even if the themes have moderated over the years, violence and anxiety are everywhere, overtly and covertly, alongside innocence, power, and sensuality.


Pamela Levy (1949-2004) was born in Iowa, USA, and immigrated to Israel in 1976, lived and painted in Jerusalem until the day of her death. In 2017, a retrospective exhibition was held for the artist at the Tel Aviv Museum.

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