December 18, 2022

Chelouche Sandbox | Lior Zalmanson: Basic Basic English

Chelouche Sandbox | Lior Zalmanson: Basic Basic English

Chelouche Gallery is happy to announce the opening of
</sandbox> our new Digital Art Platform!
Join us for the first </sandbox> online opening:
Lior Zalmanson – Basic Basic English
Solo Exhibition
19.12.2022 (8PM CET / 9 PM Tel Aviv)
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in collaboration with DISTANTGALLERY.COM
Chelouche Sandbox is a joint initiative of Dr. Lior Zalmanson and Nira Itzhaki. The project will consist of virtual exhibitions, screenings, applications, and interventions in digital and virtual spaces. Altogether, it will provide an artistic platform to those who share a common fascination with the intangible and the constant online world.
“Sandbox” is a concept borrowed from the world of software engineering. It describes a testing environment that isolates untested code and encourages experimenting without overthinking the consequences. Similarly, Chelouche Sandbox will invite artists and curators to explore, experiment, and engage with digital curation and the creation of virtual art projects and spaces in a playful and open manner.
Chelouche Sandbox aims to address new questions that arise regarding the creation, curation, and display of born-digital works. The digital space which sandbox inhibits, is comprised of information rather than matter, thus supplying an environment to rethink the limitations of physical time and space, the relationships between artists-audience-gallery, and drawing new connections between the worlds of technology, science, design, and art.
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