May 22, 2008

Miki Kratsman at the Jewish Museum, Amsterdam

Miki Kratsman at the Jewish Museum, Amsterdam


Miki Kratsman, Abu dis 2003, 2003,d-print, 116×170 cm

Miki Kratsman, Gilo#1, 2001, d-print, 120×180 cm

Miki Kratsman, Road 443#12, 2001, d-print, 70×100 cm

Miki Kratsman, Yalu 2008, 2008, d-print, 85x100cm

Miki kratsman, halhul, 1996, d-print, 100×70 cm

Miki Kratsman and Boaz Arad, Untitled, 2003, still from video work, DVD 40 min.

Miki kratsman at Art of the state, photography and Video Art from Israel, group exhibition, the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam, the The Netherlands
Curator: Edward van Voolen

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