September 6, 2017

opening new exhibition|Chou Ching-Hui| Thursday 7.9.2017

opening new exhibition|Chou Ching-Hui| Thursday 7.9.2017


Chelouche gallery is pleased to announce Animal Farm, Chou Ching-Hui’s first solo show in Israel. The exhibition is held following the artist being awarded the prestigious “ARTE LAGUNA” first prize which took place last May. Born in Taiwan, Ching-Hui is a leading international artist who exhibited in museums and biennales worldwide.

Animal Farm is based on Chou five-year-long photography project that involved a large team and significant funding. In this project, Chou turns to zoos as his muses and sites of actual photo making, where vivid tableaus are created to suggest the sumptuous yet often baffled life of modern civilization. blurred.

While creating this so-called “directed photography” that is grand and theatrical in style and serves as a form of social discourse, Chou has also made close-up, sympathetic portraits for individual character on his sets. These secular characters were styled in fashionable clothing and looks from the 70s, revealing the artist’s particular, nostalgic feelings for a certain belle époque in the past. The representation of their clear visages and postures as ordinary people, on the other hand, contrasted the inescapable yet gradually numbing human condition in the contemporary social and cultural environment they lived in.

Chou Ching-Hui (born 1965) has been invited by major art museums, art centers and
Galleries His work has been presented at:
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Japan, Guangdong Museum of Art, Shanghai Art Museum, Chinese Fine Arts Museum of Beijing, Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art, National Gallery Stuttgart, Berlin Museum of Photography, Munich Museum of Contemporary Art, Dresden State Art Museum, Taiwan Biennial (2008) in Taiwan, Guangzhou Photo Biennial(2007,2009) in china, Dali International Photography Exhibition (2010) in China, Taipei Biennial (2014) in Taiwan, Changjiang International Photography & Video Biennale (2015) in China, Beijing Photo Biennial (2015) in china, Art Souterrain 2017 in Canada.

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