June 11, 2012

Rotem Rozental talks with Uri Gershuni

Rotem Rozental talks with Uri Gershuni

Rotem Rozental talks with Uri Gershuni about his exhibition “Yesterday\’s Sun”

Saturday, 16.06.12, at 12:00 pm

at Salon Chelouche, Chelouche Gallery


Uri Gershuni, Mr. Kronnagel (bambi), hatted, 2009, inkject print, 74X54 cm,

Framed 80X60 cm

In “Yesterday\’s Sun”, Uri Gershuni exhibits a series of photographs taken in his journey to Lacock village in Western England, famous for its former resident – William Henry Fox Talbot, which is considered one of photography\’s establishing fathers. Gershuni\’s interest with Talbot is part of his ongoing search after an extinct father figure.
In his voyage, Gershuni asks to meet the father of photography while at the same time he seeks for his own. Gershuni\’s visit to Lacock resembles the act of a pilgrim, visiting sacred sites at the last days before an apocalypse. This feeling also resonates in the photographs, which seem as if they where taken in a dying world lightened by the weakening sun.

Rotem Rozental is a PhD student at the Art History Department of Binghamton University. Her current research examines technologies of photography. Rosezental is also a writer, a curator and producer of art events in Israel and abroad. As researcher and content consultant, she is also the editor of The SIP – The Shpilman Institute for Photography Blog, and the editorial director of the Jerusalem Season of Culture.

The exhibition is accompanied by an artist book published by \’Sternthal books\’, Canada. In the book was published Rotem Rozental\’s text “The Openness of a Dead End”.

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