April 14, 2012

Symposium at Salon Chelouche

Symposium at Salon Chelouche

Symposium at Salon Chelouche after Tomer Sapir\’s solo exhibition

Terra Incognita
Curator: Avi Lubin

Friday, 20.04.12

In his exhibition “Terra Incognita” Tomer Sapir features quasi-organic configurations which constantly evolve, blurring the boundaries between the bustling present and the prehistorical past. Relics and fossils of creatures from an invented prehistoric era awaken into an implausible present. Despite the fossils\’ static quality, something bubbles under the surface. The viewer transpires in a suspended present, between a catastrophe that may have already occurred (the skeleton of an upside-down carcass, traces of an epidemic, a natural catastrophe or a manmade disaster) and an imminent danger (seductive traps, cocoons about to hatch at any minute, a bulb taking shape within the upturned skeleton, possibly a toxin possibly a parasite).

The symposium was designed to highlight some of the many subjects the exhibition raises. The lectors discussed themes from various disciplines which all resonate in Sapir\’s show. Among the concepts discussed were: monsters and hybrid creatures, synthetic biology, revulsion, the other, horror movies and more.

The symposium was hosted by the curator of the exhibition – Avi Lubin and started with a presentation by Tomer Sapir.


Tomer Sapir talks about his works

Following lectures:
“What is Disgusting in Tomer Sapir\’s Cryptids”
Hanna Freund-Chertok – The Cohen Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University; Minshar for the Arts; Shenkar- College of Engineering and Design. Lecturer in Visual Culture and Philosophy.


Opening lecture by Hanna Freund Chertok,

“What is Disgusting in Tomer Sapirs Cryptids”

“The Horror From Within: Paranoia and internal anxiety in John Carpenter\’s
The Thing”
Isaac Rosen – Independent writer-director and film scholar. Under-Graduate: Sapir Academic College film department (BFA). Graduate: Tel Aviv University Film Department (MA) Teaches Screenwritnig, Cinematic Photography, Cinematic Genres and Film & Television History: Camera Obscura- School Of Art and Sapir Academic College.


Isaac Rosen, The Horror From Within, Paranoia and internal anxiety

in John Carpenter\’s The Thing

“Speaking the Language of Life”
Roey Tzezana – currently finishing a PhD in Nano-technology at the Technion. Studies probable and improbable technological futures and their implications in the Forecasting Center at Tel-Aviv University. Columnist at Scientific American-Israel, Technion\’s Magazine and Blazer Magazine. Writes a popular science blog (Blazing Science) and hosts the radio show \’Doctor Lama\’.


Roey Tzezana, “Speaking the Language of Life”

Free Admission FCFS
* the symposium was held in Hebrew

please notice: Closing date of the exhibition has been postponed to

Saturday, 05.05.12


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