March 15, 2023

Classic at Salon Chelouche | Chelouche Gallery hosts the Toscanini Quartet

Classic at Salon Chelouche | Chelouche Gallery hosts the Toscanini Quartet

Chelouche Gallery hosts the Toscanini Quartet for a series of three concerts.

The “Classic at Salon Chelouche” series presents an innovative concept: “boutique concert”, which offers in addition to a musical performance a visit to exhibitions presented at the new and spectacular Chelouche Gallery space, one of the most impressive historical buildings of the region, located in Old Jaffa.

On Saturday, 01.04.2023, at 12:00, the classical concert series “Salon Chelouche” will open under the artistic direction of Assaf Maoz and the Toscanini Quartet. The quartet, all of which are members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, was founded in order to continue the string quartet tradition that was an integral part of the orchestra’s artistic activity.

The season’s opening concert is an opportunity to visit the solo exhibition of Yadid Rubin, which is currently on display at Chelouche Gallery.

Full Program:

1/4/2023 // Saturday at 12:00 // Concert #1 //
Toscanini quartet and Yonatan Hadas – the Classical and the Klezmer

Yonatan Hadas is a clarinet virtuoso with a unique skills set, he can move between
musical styles seamlessly. Together we explore the fine line between classical music,
Klezmer, Choro music (Brazil) and Israeli music.

Musical program:
Mozart – clarinet quintet k.581
Astor Piazzolla – Tango Ballet
Bandolim – cadencia (Arr. – Daniel Ring)
Bela Kovach – Shalom Aleichem
Gershwin – walking the dog (promenade)
Yohanan Zaray – Gan Hashikmim (Arr. Lahav Shani)


20/5/2023 // Saturday at 12:00 // Concert #2 //
“Toscanini quartet and Yuval cohen – Stretching the bar line”

In this program we explore the flexibility of the quartet to deal with jazz music and
improvisation. We are collaborating with Yuval Cohen, one of the best soprano
saxophone musicians in the world. Yuval composed new pieces for this show and joins
us playing some classical pieces highlights, adding his extra flavor to it.

Musical program:
Dvorak: quartet in F major, “American quartet”
Yuval Cohen: Landscape
Yuval Cohen: From far
Yuval Cohen: Tzion Tamati
Yuval Cohen: I wish it was already then
Gershwin: The man I love

1/7/2023 // Saturday at 12:00 // Concert #3 // “Toscanini quartet and Tomboys”

We have created a unique ensemble of a string quartet, accordion, clarinet, and soprano
singer. Together we explore the music of the group’s roots. We move from Bessarabian
Melodies to Klezmer, classical music, Israeli and Moroccan songs. We try to bring our
heritage, the flavors from “mama’s home” to the stage.

Ilya Magalnik – Accordion
Jonatan Hadas – Clarinet
Tom Cohen – Soprano

Musical program:
Ilya Maglanik – Melodies from Besserabia
Villa Lobos – Bachianas brasileiras no.5
Kurt Weill – Youkali
Tchaikovsky – Andante Cantabile
Sasha Argov – When there is a light in your window
Moroccan song – Ya Mama


Ticket Price: 120 nis
Link to purchase tickets:


Toscanini Quartet, by Yoel Levi

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