April 25, 2013

Time After Time – Nir Evron,Uri Gershuni, Miki Kratsman | Opening at Chelouch Gallery

Time After Time – Nir Evron,Uri Gershuni, Miki Kratsman | Opening at Chelouch Gallery

Time After Time
Nir Evron | Uri Gershuni | Miki Krtasman

04.05.13 – 15.06.13
Opening: Saturday, 04.05.13 at 8pm

On Saturday, 04.05.13, at 8pm, the group exhibition “Time After Time” with the participation of Nir Evron, Uri Gershuni and Miki Kratsman, will open at Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art, 7 Mazeh St. Tel Aviv.

“Time After Time” is at the core of the experimenter\’s actions; the repetitiveness of repetition. Avoidances of the desperation awaiting those who try time and time again. “Time after time” is a presentation of time, while denying it all at once. This is not an action of summation- for example, adding one and one- but a different sort of assemblage; I shell name it \’suspension\’. People, numbers and objects, are suspended one next to the other, until transformed into a different being; something which someone or something indicates on, giving it a different name. Something that is defining, according to a certain principle, the attributions of the singular. Something which defines principles through the singular.

In this exhibition, Nir Evron\’s, Uri Gershuni\’s and Miki Kratsman\’s photography is just as described above; a modernist research project with a distortion of the “post”. Miki Kratsman transforms his Facebook into a platform of “Searching and Identifying Bureau for Missing Relatives”. Portraits photographed at the occupied territories, redefine the private and the public; the anonymous and the familiar; the living and the dead. Uri Gershuni is asking to draw attention to the Archimedes point where one\’s gaze is turned backwards against the rest of the body. This small gesture, which was taken from a specific photography genre of seduction, is turned into an eternal moment. Lot\’s wife had sealed her fate by looking back and as a result turned into a pillar of salt, Gershuni is asking the spectators to understand the gaze of his subjects in a similar way: the solidification of time and space, and us, the spectators, perhaps as Sodom. Nir Evron disguise camouflage nets with camouflage nets. Evron duplicates and triplicates the camouflage with digital manipulations. Hence, his photography is an artificial form of landscape; an overflowed \’culture\’ that flooded itself to ad nauseam; a Gestalt beauty, made out of self cloning. It is, if you will, the purest form of a surprise that will never occur; and so, in many ways, a utopian idea self-destructing itself with every photograph a new. Time after time.

Text: Danny Yahav Brown

Uri Gershuni (born 1970), lives and works in Tel Aviv. Gershuni holds a BFA and MFA from the Departments of Photography and Fine Arts, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Recipient of the Israel’s Minister of Culture ‘Art Encouragement’ Award (2012), and the Young Photographer Award, Haifa Museum of Art (2005). Gershuni participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

Nir Evron (born 1974), lives and works in Tel Aviv. He completed a BFA degree at The Photography Department in Bezalel Academy of Art and an MFA degree in Media Art at the Slade School of Art, London. He has exhibited extensively in Israel and abroad in museums, festivals, biennales and galleries among them the 6th Berlin Biennale, MARCO Vigo, The Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, 25 FPS in Zagreb, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, and PhotoEspana in Madrid. On 17.05.13, Evron will present his work “A Free Moment” at the ICP triennial. He was awarded The Ostrovsky Family Fund Award at the (2011), the Israel’s Minister of Culture ‘Art Encouragement’ Award (2011), the Sam Givon Award from the Tel Aviv Museum (2008), Israel’s Minister of Culture award for a young artist (2007).

Miki Kratsman, born 1959 in Argentina, immigrated to Israel in 1971. His photographs were regularly published in the Israeli daily newspaper “Haaretz” in the rubric “The Twilight Zone” in collaboration with journalist Gideon Levy. Since 2006 he presides as head of the photography department of Bezalel academy of arts, Jerusalem. Kratsman exhibits consistently in Israel and throughout the world, amongst them are: the Venice biennale; the 2006 Sao Paulo Biennale and MARCO, Vigo, Spain; the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santiago, Chile; Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Witte de With, Rotterdam; La Virreina Image Centre, Barcelona; MUSAC Museum, Leon. He is the recipient of the Emet Prize for Science, Art and Culture (2011), and the fifth recipient of the Robert Gardner Fellowship in Photography, Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology, Harvard University 2011.

* the gallery is closed due to the installation of the exhibition. Opening: 04.05.2013 

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