June 13, 2012

Tomer Sapir at P8 gallery

Tomer Sapir at P8 gallery

Tomer Sapir at the exhibition Vermin

P8 gallery, Tel Aviv

Opening: Thursday, 21.06.12, 8:00 pm

Curator: Carmela Weiss


Tomer Sapir, Untitled (detail), 2010, mixed media, approx. 20X15 cm.

Social fault-lines, evil, death-anxiety, and the longing for those who are gone are explored in this exhibition through the preoccupation with vermin. Their artistic representation is by way of rebellion and a wink towards the thing that is out of its place, and unsettling the “right” order. Touching the dark dimension provides brief relief to the anxiety and an introduction with the representation of death. The artist touches sin and befriends death.


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