June 6, 2012

Tomer Sapir to receive Young Artist Award

Tomer Sapir to receive Young Artist Award

Chelouche Gallery is delighted to announce Tomer Sapir to receive Young Artist Award 2012 on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Culture


Tomer Sapir, Research for the Full Crypto-Taxidermical Index, 2010, Mixed media, installation view (1), Haifa Museum of Art. Photo – Elad Sarig

Synopsis of the judges\’ decision:

Tomer Sapir\’s work gives a concrete form to a list of non-existing organic creatures. These creatures are located in space in a way that is inspired by biological and chemical processes, stages of fertility and extinction, and the dynamics of growth and division in nature.
Sapir is searching for a “no man\’s land”, a space between the cultured and the unfamiliar. In his work he uses practices of sorting and cataloging as if he was a curator in a science museum. These practices collapse into realms of chaos and illusionism.
At Chelouche gallery he presented among others, Sandcastles made of concrete and skeletons of unidentified creators. These are not mere monuments of memory in a world of game and barren passing of time. These are also symbols of the freedom to imagine, to subvert and question reality.
Sapir works as a researcher and as a storyteller at the same time, as a stylish designer and as an artist discovering new areas.
Sapir is given this prize for his unique language and for stretching the boundaries of image and form.

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