January 31, 2013

Uri Gershuni at Israel Discoutnt Bank Album No. 16

Uri Gershuni at Israel Discoutnt Bank Album No. 16

Uri Gershuni\’s work at the Israel Discount Bank Album No. 16.

The album is a limited edition of 36+10AP.

Produced and printed by the Gotesman Etching Centre by Ofra Raif and Ravit Sheffer

Design editor: Yaron Levin

Front cover: Ido Agassi

Inaugural event and exhibition opening: Thursday 07.02.2013, 6pm, at the Herzlilienblum Museum of Banking.

Uri Gershuni, Untitled, 2010, color print, 30X40 cm

Uri Gershuni, Silvering, 2011, photographic etching, aquatint, acid etching, 50×65 cm


Uri Gershuni, Wallpaper, 2011, photographic etching, 50×65 cm

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