October 3, 2012

Uri Gershuni has received the ‘Art Encouragement’ Award

Uri Gershuni has received the ‘Art Encouragement’ Award

Chelouche Gallery is delighted to announce Uri Gershuni has received

the Art Encouragment Award 2012 on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Culture


Uri Gershuni, The Latticed Window, 2010, inkject print, 30X40 cm, framed 60X80

Synopsis of judges\’ decision:

“Uri Gershuni is one of the prominent photographers in Israel of the last decade, also working in video art and manifesting an interesting and prestige curatorship projects.

His work offers a rare and organic combination of precise concept articulation, sensitivity and a deep understanding of the medium alongside a continuous dialogue with the history of photography. His artworks are made with contemporary means and out of clear contemporary awareness, while dealing with questions that stand in the heart of photography since its early days. First amongst these is the perception of photography as an act of passion; an act that establishes passion as it examines the relationships between the photographer and its subject and between the concept of the photograph as a still object to the performative circumstances leading to its creation.

Gershuin utilizes his wonderfully precise tools in order to examine his identity on the grounds of his relationships with his biological fathers and spiritual ancestors, as in his recent exhibition “Yesterday\’s Sun” (at Chelouch Gallery, Tel Aviv). The refine quality of his photographs does not compromise their clever, and at times blunt, sincerity. ” 

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