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Nadav Weissman, Thoughts on Landscape, Body and Home (2), 2020, pencil on paper cutouts, 40x76 cm

In recent years, Nadav Weissman has been creating wall installations that combine elements of wood sculpture, drawing and video projections. The different types of media meet in large-scale wall reliefs that range from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, creating hybrids between landscape and body, and between images of stationary and inanimate nature and organic organs in motion. The “Underground” exhibition is a hanging installation that surrounds the exhibition space on all sides, as a panoramic landscape image that the eye cannot capture at a glance. Weissman produces a hybrid between an open top view and enclosed interior spaces. It creates a very physical landscape made up of sloping curves, uterine cavities and internal cavities, in which the images projected on them breathe movement and life. It is an imaginary underground landscape, teeming with secrets and charges bubbling beneath the surface, reflecting the complicated reality of life in the area on both sides of the border, but not only.

Breathing (1)


Pencil on Paper, 34x100 cm

Breathing Slowly


Pencil on Paper, 32x81 cm

Breathing (2)


Pencil on Paper, 25x69 cm

Adult Fetus in a Landscape


Pencil on Paper, 28.5x70 cm

Section of a Broken Landscape

Pencil on Paper, 26x37 cm

Underground (3)


Mixed Media, 50x109x8 cm

Thoughts on Landscape, Body and Home (1)


Pencil on paper cutouts, 57x80 cm

Thoughts on Landscape, Body and Home (2)


Pencil on Paper Cutouts, 40x76 cm

Thoughts on Landscape (Outline for Installation)


Pencil on Paper Cutouts, 50x190 cm

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