November 16, 2010

Assaf Rahat at The Fourth Biennale for Drawing

Assaf Rahat at The Fourth Biennale for Drawing

Assaf Rahat at Traces IV / Caught in the Thicket – The Fourth Biennale for Drawing
29.1.2011 – 4.12.2010
Curator: Tamar Manor-Friedman
Opening at the Artists’ House: Saturday, 4 December 2010 at 18:00

Assaf Rahat, Untitled (1), 2008,  mixed media, 30X40.5 cm

Assaf Rahat, Untitled (2), 2008, ink on paper, 25.5X35.5 cm

The Fourth Biennale for Drawing in Israel, initiated by the Jerusalem Artists’ House, has been held since 2001, and will spread out across five galleries in central Jerusalem. The concept for the present exhibition initially evolved from a dialogue with the three previous exhibitions, in which the state of contemporary drawing in Israel has been fully plotted: the diverse spectrum of themes, styles and techniques, indicated the abundant expressions of drawing and its validity as a major, vibrant medium with boundaries that today cross into new fields, including installation, photography, and literature.



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