January 21, 2014

Come Be Part of Tal Amitai-Lavi's Project “Light Construction”

Come Be Part of Tal Amitai-Lavi's Project “Light Construction”

Come be part and support Tal Amitai-Lavi\’s project!

Tal Amitai-Lavi\’s solo exhibition “Light Construction” will open on February 2014 at Chelouche Gallery. At the center of the exhibition will stand an impressive full scale sculptural installation based on architectural elements, built specifically for the gallery\’s space. The exhibition will be accompanied by a DVD catalogue documenting the in-studio work process up to the opening night at the gallery.

In order to actualize this ambitious project, Tal Amitai-Lavi has opened a webpage on Headstart – a popular internet crowdfunding platform for creative projects.

Through Headstart Tal Amitai-Lavi is inviting you to be part and support her project. You are also welcome to share the project with your friends, and help us to make it happen!


Photo: Yuval Hai

In exchange for your support, the artist offers a range of rewards: starting from a \’thank you\’ letter, to a signed D.V.D set, a guided tour of the exhibition, an artist workshop, to an original signed artworks:


These days, on the second floor of Chelouche gallery is an exhibition of Tal Amitai\’s works offered on Headstart in favor of supporting the project.

Amitai-Lavi\’s work, straddling on the boundary between the two and three-dimensional, is characterized by love of craftsmanship, sensitivity to detail and exploration of unusual materials.

Come and see her works at Chelouche Gallery and/or view the project\’s page on Headstart and become part of Tal Amitai-Lavi\’s ambitious and exciting project!

Thank you!


Tal Amitai-Lavi
And Chelouche Gallery\’s team

To view the project on Headstart click here: \"\"

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